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JumpLoom Use Cases

Training & Education

The size of the Virtual Reality Training industry is 12 Billion US dollars and growing at 35% per year, experience JumpLoom In:

Business Workshops
360 Video Training
Equipment Operation Training
Scenario Training
Training and Teambuilding Gamification

Training Companies
Virtual Space for Facilitation
Custom Development of your Content into VR
VR Reseller Opportunities
Psychometric Testing

Schools & Universites

Network existing VR content for Multi Participant Co-Development Opportunities

Meetings & Business

JumpLoom is specifically designed and built around facilitating better work communication, interaction and socialization, making remote work a far superior experience for your team.

Virtual Meetings & Offices
Brainstorming Rooms
Town Hall Meetings
Virtual Team Building
Virtual Sales Showrooms
Virtual Company Socializing
360 Degree Tours
Product Launches.

Social & Networking

JumpLoom can be used for a multitude of virtual social interactions. You are able to use an existing pre built environment or we can design and build one for you.

Live Sports Streaming & Collaborative Viewing
Virtual Gallery Exhibitions
Public Seminars
Use a Venue for Virtual Talks
YouTube 360 Degree Videos
TED Talks/Podcasts/Theatre

Entertainment & Games

JumpLoom is the perfect place for virtually socializing with friends and family.

Virtual Quizzes
Scavenger Hunts
Virtual Paintball
Custom Game Development
Virtual Dating
Live Sports Streaming and Viewing
Live Movies Viewed Collaboratively

Virtual Events

JumpLoom has a variety of environments for 3D Collaborative, Multi-Participant Virtual Events. It works on PC, Mobile, Tablet or VR Headset.

Experience JumpLoom For:

Virtual Exhibitions & Trade Shows
Virtual Conferences
Business Networking
Facility and 360 Degree Tours
Online Shopping Malls

Event & Marketing Companies
Virtual Concerts
Virtual Team Building & Gamification
Product Launches
Anonymous Market Research and Reviewing

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